What the Blebs?

What the Blebs is a bunch of cartoon seals. Cuteness, puns, humor and feminism galore. (Every Blebs is female, by the way.)

The character is the brainchild of a happily married lesbian couple. We got the idea from this video, which we both loved.

We communicated in blebs noises after watching it, and soon "blebs" became a saying in our household. "What the blebs?", "I'm a blebs", "We are blebsing" are some of the things we say to each other on a daily basis. So when the time came to find a brand for my business, Blebs was the first thing that came to mind, and thus the character was born.

And now here they are, blebstastic Blebses for everyone!

Where can I buy Blebses?

You can buy all Blebses on clothes, accessories, office supplies, gadgets, and all other types of merchandise. The open shops are:

cupsell | zazzle | cafepress | elexpression

Where can I follow What the Blebs?

You can get regular updates from What the Blebs via many social networks:

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